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Elderly couple at atumn walk

About Dementia Friendly Rochester

What is Dementia Friendly Rochester (DFR)?  Dementia Friendly Rochester is an initiative of the [INSERT GROUP NAME] and a member of Dementia Friendly America.  This grassroots effort, supported by local community stakeholders, is comprised of organizations, individuals, and municipalities growing dementia friendly communities.

The goal of DFR is to provide support to those living with dementia, their families, and care partners.

Why is this movement necessary? An estimated XXX,XXX people in Michigan live with Alzheimer’s disease, and the number is expected to climb. [INSERT ADDITIONAL INFO]

What is a dementia-friendly community? Dementia-friendly communities address the needs specific to their residents, advocating for dementia awareness and providing services, programs, and public spaces that support people with dementia and their care partners.   Each dementia-friendly community is different. Some towns organize workplace training so professionals can identify and offer solutions to problems commonly encountered with people living with dementia. Other regions focus on introducing programs like memory cafes or respite programs to directly assist people with memory loss.   All dementia-friendly communities share one thing: a mission to make their neighborhood inclusive, welcoming those touched by dementia to continue to be active, contributing citizens.

What are the benefits of being a dementia-friendly community? The Dementia Friendly Rochester promotes inclusivity and humanity by acknowledging the human dignity of individuals living with dementia, by providing supportive programming, welcoming environments, and opportunities to learn about dementia.

Dementia-friendly communities provide programs, services, and a welcoming environment for older adults that can support their decision to age-in-place.  Older adults can take comfort in knowing that should they experience dementia, they can still engage in activities and events, contribute to the local economy and be respected by community members.

Our Goals

Spread empathy
through education

Support fundraising efforts aimed at aiding senior citizens

Connect the community
with Dementia Friendly resources

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